Facility & Rentals

Facility Highlights

The Creek” is the Chicago Mudcats 3,500 square foot, state-of-the-art indoor sports facility located in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. The Creek, newly renovated in 2017, has a capacity for 25 players, is designed for both young and old athletes alike, and boasts:

  • 3,500 Square Feet of TURF.

  • ONE fully-enclosed, retractable BATTING CAGE (60”) designed to serve multi-player practices.

  • TWO PITCHING TUNNELS A fully-equipped FITNESS AREA including state-of-the-art baseball & fitness specific equipment including but not limited to: sleds/prowlers, battle ropes, jump boxes, slide boards, bench/squat racks, jaeger bands, speed ladders/hurdles, kettlebells, full barbel/bumper weights, stationary bike, heavy punching bag, & sparring gloves.

  • RADAR GUNS with displays

  • VIDEO EQUIPMENT for personalized analysis


  • FREE WIFI for your internet needs

  • SEATING AREA with tables and desks - can be arranged for classroom setting


  • Plenty of free STREET PARKING

  • Two private RESTROOMS

Rental Opportunities

  • The Creek is available for rental by teams and other organizations.

  • Single day/hourly rentals are subject to availability and require a minimum of 48 hour advanced booking.

  • For teams or organizations looking for consistent rental of The Creek (for an extended period, weekly, on the same day and at the same time), the Mudcats require one month advanced booking prior to the onset of the rental agreement.

  • Consistent rentals are booked for a discounted rate.

  • Rental agreements can include the use of our professional staff for an additional fee.



No Coach/Trainer Provided

One Coach/Trainer Provided

Two Coaches/Trainers Provided








One Batting Cage




One Pitching Tunnel




Fitness Area Only




Entire Facility




Rental Rates outlined above depict various rental scenarios, however rental agreements can be tailors to fit the needs of a team or organization. Please contact for further information

All rates subject to change without notice

Rental Policies

  • A rental agreement must be signed by both parties (The Chicago Mudcats and the organization) prior to use. Organizations will not be allowed to use the facility without a rental agreement on file.
  • A “Chicago Mudcats Medical & Media Waiver” must be completed by all participants that will take part in training during the rental period prior to rental use.
  • The team/organization MUST ensure there is a minimum of one Coach per 6 participants on site for all trainings when Mudcat Staff have not been hired.
  • A deposit of one-half of the rental fee must be received prior to use. Under no circumstances will any organization be allowed to use the facility before a deposit has been received.  
  • A payment schedule will be included in the rental agreement and all payments must be received as outlined in the agreement.  Any missed payments will be considered breach of agreement and facility will not be made available until payments are up-to-date.  
  • Only clean, dry athletic shoes are allowed in training area. No street worn shoes or boots are allowed at any time. Cleats of any type are not allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Upon entering the facility, a designated area is provided to change shoes and store any coats, jackets, equipment bags, sweatpants or anything else that is not needed while using the training areas. Please use this designated area.
  • Bat/equipment bags have designated areas for placement while the player/participants occupy the training area. Please use these designated areas.
  • There is no food or drink of any kind allowed in the training area. Any personal water bottles or sports drink bottles must be kept sealed and in the bat/equipment bag area.
  • All players must wear a helmet when batting. Catchers must wear appropriate safety gear.
  • Only one coach and one player in the batting cages at any given time.
  • Five minutes before a rental period is designated to end, all workouts must end.
  • All coaches, players, and other participants must completely clean up all equipment before leaving. We expect the training area to be left in the manner it was when participants arrived.
  • The Chicago Mudcats strives to provide all of our guests clean bathrooms and we ask that renters please help us to keep them clean.

For more information on The Creek and rentals, please email mudcatsstringer@gmail.com