Player Testimonials

Our players love the game, the program, their coaches, their teammates and their experiences. This is just a glimpse into how our players talk about being a Mudcat.

The following is an excerpt from a speech given by the player at a special celebration - 
You guys are my brothers, both on and off the bench. I wouldn’t survive without you. You expanded my love of baseball, which I am so grateful for. Cooperstown was an amazing experience and it couldn’t have been that great without you guys. almost said it, you guys are the greatest and are the best.

- Leo 
Mudcat Since 2015

[Being a Mudcat] requires hard work and dedication, but if you love baseball it's worth it and Mudcats is a great organization.

- Zach
 Mudcat Since 2015

[The Mudcats] are a very organized and a hard working program.

- Matthew 
Mudcat Since 2016

[The Mudcats have a] great group of coaches

- Anthony 
Mudcat Since 2016

[Being a Mudcat player you] make great friends and become a skilled ball player

- Connor 
 Mudcat Since 2013

I love the [Mudcat] Coaches’ sense of humor. I love how they teach us the fundamentals of batting. They make baseball fun and really care about the team.

- Danny 
Mudcat Since 2016

[The Mudcats have] great coaches. [Mudcats] train hard and play many games.

- Bobby
Mudcat Since 2016

The Mudcat program takes practices and games serious, but we still have a lot of fun.

- Eduardo 
 Mudcat Since 2015

The Mudcats is an amazing organization because all of the coaches have experienced the game of baseball and they share their experiences with us while they are coaching.

- Oscar 
 Mudcat Since 2013

[When you join the Mudcats it is] easy it was to get to know everyone and to know the program. You'll feel like you've been playing there for many years.

- Nick
Mudcat Since 2016

[The Mudcats] is a nice family organization. All the players get along well.

- Eric 
Mudcat Since 2016

My favorite moment [as a Mudcat] is found in my first game as a Mudcat. I'll give you the context of the situation for you to understand the importance of this game in my life. My high school season ended poorly that year and I was tempted to give up the game for life. I was told by my high school coach that I sucked and I would never make it anywhere in life. After holding a starting spot the year before and now degraded to the bench with a torn UCL and a dooming vindication from my coach, I thought I was done. But I was persuaded by an old friend to try out for the Mudcats. I made the team and started going to their weekly hitting classes throughout the week and became a much better hitter. Well, the first game arrived and I went 0-2 with a pop out and ground out going into the last inning. In the top of the 7th, I walked to the plate with the Mudcats being down 4-2 with bases loaded. And... let's just say after the first pitch in that at-bat we found ourselves up 6-4 and a ball that continues to roll in right field. That home run propelled my confidence and allowed me to remain steadfast in my quest to take this baseball dream to new heights.

- Josh 
Former Mudcat Player
Current Mudcat Coach

The following is an excerpt from a thank you letter written to a Mudcat donor -

Thank you for allowing us to have the best athletic opportunities before adulthood. Your donation allows the Mudcats to expand and become even better teachers than they currently are. Last year was my first year on the Mudcats. I had been cut from my freshman baseball team. I was heartbroken and wanted to quit. Since it was already March, I did not think I'd be able to join a travel team. Well the Mudcats were different. They brought me in. They gave me a home and a reason to keep playing the glorious sport of baseball. Without donors like you, I don't think I would've been apart of the family that is the Mudcats organization.

- Nick C.
Mudcat Since 2016